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Reiki & Other Wellbeing Supports

Jonah partners with Reiki Master Carey Sinclair (Adego-Giizis Reiki & Healing) to offer supplemental healing supports such as Reiki and Cedar Bath ceremonies. 

Reiki is an energy supporting healing modality that originated in Japan. Reki can be a helpful resource as people pursue change or healing in their lives. Body based and energy work complements talk therapies and vice versa.  Often, complex trauma can shift when holistic and diverse approaches are available.  Many people find that Reiki is relaxing and helps them find new space to address challenges in life or in the body itself.

Cedar Bath ceremonies support mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, and can be especially helpful in releasing trauma.  These are offered periodically at Jonah with helpers Carey, Kelly, and Amanda.  Currently, there is a long wait list for cedar bath with Kelly and Amanda. 

Contact Kelly or Carey  to learn more about Reiki or Cedar Bath. 

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