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Dawn Chaput (She/Her)


Expressive Arts Therapist - Adults & Children


Dawn Chaput is a Registered Art Therapist who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the University of Manitoba and an Art Therapy diploma from the WHEAT Institute.

She is grateful that this helping work brings together her passion for artmaking and her dedication to serving the community.

Dawn believes in the generous space that spirit of the expressive arts can provide. She is committed to doing the kind of work that helps folks to recognize and use their own inner compass through reflection, creative process, and somatic awareness.

Dawn is a settler committed to doing her best to walk with humility in a commitment to decolonizing therapeutic practice.  She has worked in support of families and young children for 2 decades and enjoys bringing resource building experiences, educational workshops, therapeutic groups, creative exploration and counselling services with individuals, families, and groups of diverse people throughout the province.

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