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Jonah acknowledges that our helping work takes place on stolen land known as Treaty One Territory, also called Winnipeg, Manitoba.


The original caretakers, users, and stewards of this land are from Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, Dene and Métis nations. We acknowledge that the spirit of mutual treaty making has yet to be realized in our territory.  We aspire to contribute to the healing and justice necessary for reconciliation and wellbeing for all people to be possible.


These are some of the VALUES the helpers at Jonah are guided by:


  • Therapy is a shared and collaborative experience


  • Supportive & mutual relationships are foundational to everyone’s wellbeing

  • Creativity and art help us understand ourselves and our relationships

  • Better understanding of our bodies and how human bodies hold stuckness and/or contribute to change is part of therapy

  • Everyone carries unique knowledges, skills and gifts; people are not problems or diagnoses


  • People are experts about their own lives


  • We want to think carefully about power; how we use it, not abusing it, re-distributing it


  • Oppressive systems/structures should be challenged

  * drafted collaboratively by Jonah Team members, August 2021.


WORKING TOGETHER IN A GOOD WAY   (these words appear on all Jonah written agreements)​


At Jonah Counselling & Consulting, we’re committed to collaborative helping relationships that strengthen individuals, families, and communities.  

You can count on us to make humane and compassionate decisions that keep everyone’s wellbeing at the centre. You can count on us to be collaborative and creative. We won’t put business goals ahead of working in respectful, people-centred ways. We won’t misuse power or manipulate; we are more interested in sharing power in inclusive ways.


If we make a commitment to you, we’ll do our very best to honour it. If something goes wrong, we’ll talk about it. If we make a mistake, we’ll take responsibility. We welcome dialogue.


Let’s work together in a good, sincere way, because it’s better for everyone when we do. 

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