Safe, supportive RELATIONSHIPS as foundational to wellbeing


Thinking carefully about POWER; how we use it, not abusing it, re-distributing it

PEOPLE are not problems; diagnoses are not identities

MUTUALITY, where everyone matters equally and we all contribute our gifts to collective WELLBEING


HEALING journeys are for systems and structures, too


NON-PATHOLOGISING practice. Strengths, not deficits


RECONCILIATION MATTERS.  Between people, between groups, in systems

This photograph was taken at a Health Research Learning Circle; Pimicikimak Cree Nation, 2018.


(a note for third party contractors and partners) 

At Jonah Counselling & Consulting, we’re committed to collaborative helping relationships that strengthen individuals, families, and communities.  Working together in a good way is foundational to everything  we do with clients, community members, or partners.

If we sign a contract to work together,  you can count on us to make humane and compassionate decisions that keep everyone’s wellbeing at the centre. You can count on us to be collaborative and creative. We’ll be honest and we won’t put business goals ahead of working in respectful, people-centred ways. We won’t misuse power or manipulate; we are more interested in sharing power in inclusive ways that help everyone. If we make a commitment to you, we’ll do our very best to honour it. If something goes wrong, we’ll talk about it. If we make a mistake, we’ll take responsibility. We welcome dialogue, and we hope you’ll feel free to test us on this.

We want to work with folks who are interested in these values too. Let’s work together in a good, sincere way, because it’s better for everyone when we do. This is how we work toward stronger communities.