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"Kelly has been providing supervision to me on an individual basis as well as in a group setting with 6 other counsellors. She is knowledgeable in her field. The learning experience with Kelly has been very beneficial personally and professionally." 


Supervision /Consultation 

Consultation and Supervision are a big part of the work we do at Jonah; this work is primarily facilitated by Kelly Bernardin-Dvorak. The entire Jonah team is committed to receiving and offering peer supervision so that we are providing the best possible support to the folks we see, and we have all agreed to participate in regular 1-1 supervision of our work as well. 


This supervision service at Jonah supports counsellors and helpers who are looking to continue learning and developing as they engage in professional helping work. Supervision clients include social workers, family therapists, narrative therapists, community support workers and youth mentors. 

Many helpers are interested in modalities that are rooted first in non-oppressive approaches and Jonah is a good place to learn about this as we have been seeking to work in these ways for many years. 

We are guided by a Narrative Family Therapy model of supervision, which supports helpers and therapists to bring a systemic and post-structural lens to their professional helping work. Transcripts of sessions are often used in supervision/consultation with therapists and counsellors. 

Group and individual supervision/consultation are available. 

We also assist with supervision and training of interns and practicum students on site and at external placements. The Jonah team is supportive of on-site interns, which creates a rich learning environment for students who want to learn about community based helping work. 

Contact to inquire. 

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