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November 18, 2020  (Update 6)

A note to the Jonah community:


At Jonah, we’re continuing to respond as best we can to ever-changing pandemic realities. We know that consistent, stable mental health support is making a big difference for many of our clients and we want to continue to be available to the best of our ability.  At the same time, doing all we can to reduce face to face contact is of utmost importance at this time when there is such a high incidence of community spread of Covid-19.


At the Jonah office, we continue to follow protocols such as:

  • social distancing during in person sessions,

  • wearing masks throughout our building and in sessions

  • sanitizing surfaces and furnishings,

  • frequent hand washing/sanitizing,

  • smudging our spaces regularly

  • not hosting group events and staggering office times to lessen contact


Additionally, as the test positivity rate in our health region continue to rise rapidly, we’re committed to:

  • Restricting in person contact to urgent situations only and finding ways to use online or phone as much as possible

  • Delaying beginning with new in-office clients until mid-late December where possible



Discuss your unique needs or questions with your therapist, each of us are available to support our clients and find supportive solutions together.  Also, please always communicate with your therapist if you cannot attend a scheduled appointment.


Updates as the public health situation evolves will be posted on our website.      204-998-0843