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Responding to COVID-19/Coronavirus


(in short: we remain open for counselling appointments,

though we've postponed all group events and community gatherings.)

March 13, 2020

A note to the Jonah community:  


We’ve been watching and learning as this week has progressed and different responses to the virus are emerging. 

We are encouraged at the precautions being taken.  Our community is taking managing the spread of virus seriously, and people are coming together and supporting one another. We anticipate that these precautions will result in less pressure on our health care system in the weeks to come, and that these measures will genuinely save lives.

We are saddened that so many important gatherings are being cancelled and many public places are now closed.

As always, we are glad to be among the helpers and hope to offer support as best we can.  Everyone will process these events in their own unique way. We are here to help.


Jonah is staying open for counselling sessions at this time.


At the Jonah office, we will be taking recommended precautions like limiting personal contact, and sanitizing surfaces, bathrooms, door handles several times per day.

We will make a daily pot of medicine (cedar) tea to share with anyone attending sessions.

The entire building will be smudged each day.

Clients who prefer phone or video sessions can arrange this with their therapist.

Please advise your therapist if you cannot make it to scheduled sessions.

We ask all clients and staff to stay home if they are feeling unwell.


Jonah is cancelling group events for the foreseeable future.


All group gatherings are on hold until further notice.

All scheduled groups will be postponed to a later date.