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“I don’t believe there are words to best describe the amount of gratitude I feel toward Jonah Counselling.

I’m blessed to have found my support system, and I always feel seen and heard there.”


People come to counselling for a wide variety of reasons. Jonah counsellors are open to exploring your unique experience & stories with you.  Our team has been working  with adults, youth, children, couples, & families for many years and we are well versed in supporting your mental health and wellbeing.  We've gained a great deal of combined community based experience in many diverse roles.


One of our guiding ideas at Jonah is that people are not problems and problems are not people. We seek to work in a heart led way that honours all the experiences of people's lives.


Trauma and loss are realities that must be validated and navigated; they are not identities or places to live that lead to wellbeing.    

The counselling relationship attempts to generate new space and perspectives so that problems do not characterize our lives.  It’s our hope that new life possibilities and identities have room to breathe and be explored in therapy.

Please see the contact information available for each practitioner at Jonah on the Team page to learn more.

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